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Work To Do (7 Mix With Rap)

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8 thoughts on “ Work To Do (7 Mix With Rap)

  1. Without the words and work of Black artists and creators, Genius would not exist. i want to see someone blend blues with rap and do it nice, i think kanye and the roots would make it sound goat.
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  3. Aug 01,  · The goal is to help make the vocal stick out in the mix, but of course that cannot be achieved by boosting the gain alone. Between effects, EQ, and various plug-ins, you can work the vocals so they sit comfortably in the mix, while cutting through it at the same time. 2. Effects like reverb and delay improve mixing rap vocals.
  4. Mixing Rap Vocals was all about process. It’s about learning how to listen and what to listen for and establishes a foundation for a strong Hip-Hop mix. Mixing Rap Vocals 2 is about understanding context, putting that foundational mixing into perspective. And that’s what makes it advanced.
  5. For lead vocals, I usually like to start with the verse, and the reason that I like to do that, particularly in this style, is because once I get the verse right, the chorus is probably going to be fairly similar, and on top of that, I find that it takes a little less work to get the verses right, and so .
  6. Discover and stream the best hip hop playlists, handcrafted by the music experts at iHeartRadio.
  7. Being able to mix hip-hop effectively will require a little extra work on your part in the planning phase. Your first piece of homework should be to find your local hip-hop radio station and tune-in! Most rap stations will have a least a few hours per week of live mixing, where a DJ is actually mixing records, not just playing songs end to end.
  8. To open up the instrumental, try to do as little EQ as possible. EQ is the method most people seem to recommend, but EQ is used to correct tonality issues. If the instrumental is too dense, that's really more of a dynamics issue.

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