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Earthquake (The Sensurround Remix)

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  1. Aug 24,  · Earthquake on DiscoVision is mono although the film had a 4-track mag stereo and 70mm 4-track stereo release, plus mono optical Sensurround prints, which BTW, is the print used for the DiscoVision release - you can hear the 25/35Hz Sensurround control tones when playing the DV release - as for the film itself, its only difference from the.
  2. Aug 29,  · This is a newly remastered edition of Earthquake, in fUll dolby digital, with a.1 track for the bass that blew my system out the door. Universal released this 2 years ago in that region, so I cannot understand why they have not released this remaster here.
  3. First is a modern remix, which takes the film’s audio elements – music, effects and dialogue – and creates a contemporary-sounding mix, in which the dialogue is perhaps a bit too low. They also include a track with the film’s original audio mix, which attempts to recreate the experience of Sensurround, though even the best home.
  4. As part of our “Gimmick Series”, we present EARTHQUAKE in “Sensurround” with room-rumbling bass! The disaster film, featuring the stories of various people as an earthquake of unimaginable magnitude hits Los Angeles. With an all-star cast, including Charlton Heston, Ava Gardner, Walter Matthau, Richard Roundtree and more!Missing: Remix).
  5. The original Sensurround design used for "Earthquake" employed a pseudorandom noise generator, designed by D. Broadus "Don" Keele, Jr., to create the low-frequency rumble, with the waveform matching that of the Sylmar earthquake. [citation needed] T.
  6. The famous “Sensurround” rumble came out of the subwoofer in fine fashion; the earthquake scenes offered very good bass. Speaking of which, the DVD also offered the original Sensurround soundtrack. I sampled parts of it and thought it seemed inferior to the remix.
  7. Dec 07,  · Earthquake the Big Sensurround One - Duration: Andy Summers 71 views. Battlestar Galactica () TV Spot 6 - Duration: Missing: Remix).
  8. Jul 30,  · The Earthquaking, Subwoofing Magic of Sensurround Marke B. chronicles the history of the Cerwin-Vega soundsystem specially constructed for the film Earthquake Two generations of partiers have felt that clothing-rippling rumble at the rave, the undulating walls of the underground, a festival’s phalanx of congwebwirewidersreannilalolegen.coinfog: Remix).
  9. Jun 14,  · For the last DVD version of Earthquake, Universal decided to do a new sub-par remix, but included an optional track "original Sensurround mix" which was not the original 3 track stereo mix, and the LFE channel didn't even utilize the original cue tones to trigger the original Sensurround generator.

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